Maria Alejandra Rey

Staff Writer

The Student Senate is the entity that creates a link between the college and the student body, and this semester the senate has welcomed two new members.

Eric Skinner, a nursing major, has joined on as the event coordinator, and Paul Warkentien, a civil engineering major, took the position of the learning center representative. Both senators have the knowledge and preparation as far as how the college works, going through some of the different levels of the student work that has prepared them for this new experience.

Skinner and Warkentien have common goals such as creating a bigger sense of community among the students. “We are not diverged, we are still a community, but there is sill room for improvement,” said Skinner, who has been informing students personally of the events and activities organized by the college as his tactic of getting the student body more involved.  Skinner highlights the importance of being involved in your community and its activities as a way to create a sense of pride and communal life.

“I like working with the international office because I want to involve the international students with the traditional LCCC students,” said Skinner. He is a believer in the significance of creating bonds between the international and the traditional students through the activities on campus as a way of creating common ground for all.

Warkentien’s ideas, though similar, are directed to another demographic of the student population. “I want to include the students from the outreach centers in conversations and making sure that the students know that they are invited to the main campus events as well as plan, and have more events at the learning centers,” said Warkentien.

The two new senators are prepared to take on the new challenge and are grateful for the experience.