Matt Gergely

Staff Writer

Helping promote the good that community colleges strive to achieve, the non-profit organization Achieving the Dream helps give access to higher quality education, which the organization believes it is the right of all individuals. Achieving the Dream is holding a national conference bringing together leaders and students from Community Colleges all across the United States, and representing Lorain County Community College is Kenneth Glynn, Adult Outreach Associate for the Marketing Department.

Glynn is a veteran of the U.S. Army and he is very proud of his time and service. After he was out of the army, he found himself working in a Steel Mill after failing to find work elsewhere. “You had to accept reality that there weren’t that many jobs around here in Lorain County”, Glynn said. Working in the mills, he had to experience the pros and cons of the job we worked. Working long hours, he would find little time to spend with his loved ones. However, he managed to power through with the support his family. After 19 years of working at the Steel Plant, he moved on to pursue an education at LCCC.

  LCCC had plenty to offer Glynn and after only a couple semesters, he managed to receive his first Associates Degree from the college. Taking note of his effort and commitment, he went to a local Achieving the Dream conference held in Cleveland a year ago. It was there that he was able to show off his life story and his drive to continue to make a better life for himself. “I didn’t realize that this Achieving the Dream thing was bringing together all these deans and presidents from community colleges all across the nation”, Glynn stated. One person in particular that was both present at the conference and impressed by his performance was LCCC’s President, Dr. Marcia Ballinger, and he soon found himself an employee on campus.

  Excited by his new-found position, Glynn was quick to get started. “One of the first things I got to work on was starting a new program which was free and was in manufacturing, and I was a vital instrument towards getting a student body to get that kicked off”, he said.  Glynn has been also active in several other programs and events at the college.

For what is next for Glynn, he currently likes where things are at right now. “I love doing what I’m doing for the first time in my life, and I plan to continue pitching my work ethic and ideas around here as long as the college wants me”.

While he seems to have a solid future foundation, possible jobs in the future might including working for Non-Governmental Organizations with his future degree in business administration from LCCC.

The Achieving the Dream Tennessee conference will be taking place from Feb. 20-23 in Nashville, TN.