Logan Mencke


Lorain County Community College’s Student Senate have put together an event list for the upcoming semester to help improve student life on campus and to give students an opportunity to get involved in the community.

  The events and their dates are as follows-

•Book Bank, Feb. 12-16: The Student Senate will be volunteering time to the Cleveland Children’s Book Bank.  The senate plans to bring along international students to help sort books and other activities.

•International Food Festival, Feb. 19-23: The Student Senate will be collaborating with the Multicultural Club on campus to serve different kinds of meals from different cultures.  The festival will be held on campus, but the location has yet to be determined.

•Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Denver Nuggets game, Mar. 3: The International office and Student Life office are collaborating together to take a group of students to a Cavs game.  The students will be riding in a Cavs bus to the game.

•Special Olympics, Mar. 8-11: The student Senate will be volunteering time to help with the special Olympics.  The senate will be assisting other volunteers and cheering on the contestants.

•Museum of Modern Art, April 14: The Student Senate will be taking a group of students to visit the Museum of Modern Art located in Cleveland.

•President’s Forum, April 26 (possibly): LCCC President Dr. Maria Ballanger will give a forum.  A picnic and field day will be hosted outside by the Student Senate during the forum.

•Finals De stressing event, May 8-12: An event meant to help students relax during the stressful finals week.  Currently, either a puppy room or mediation room is being planned as the event.