Mark Perez-Krywany

Sports Editor

Due to the lack of players for Clark State Community College, they have cancelled their match against the Lorain County Community College women’s basketball team on January 24, 2018, according to LCCC’s Athletic Director Katie Marquard.

The game has been cancelled, but both parties are trying to reschedule the game later on in the season.

Commodores’ guard Hannah Oehlstrom expressed how she felt about the game being cancelled.

“I was mad because we were gonna blow them out, and we didn’t get to,” she said. “We found out the day before [the game against Clark State] at Tuesday night around 7:00 [p.m.].”

The first person who told her the news was the head coach of the women’s basketball team Vince Granito.

She knew the game was cancelled, but did not know that the schools were attempting to reschedule it and she shared her opinion on if she wants the game to be taken placed.

“I want it to be rescheduled and I’m sure all my teammates do as well,” Oehlstrom said. “If they reschedule it, I will be very happy.”

Oehlstrom is averaging 15.3 points per game shooting 32.8 percent from the field and 7.3 rebounds. She has also made the fourth most 3-point shots in Division III of the NJCAA (58 3-pointers).

Oehlstrom’s opinion was echoed by other Commodores in the locker room and they believe that facing a team like Clark State would boost their confidence after their lost to Jamestown Community College three days before facing Clark State. They pointed out the 101-point loss Clark State suffered from Sinclair Community College almost two weeks prior. They also lost to Lakeland Community College by over 70 points.

Coach Granito, when asked did not say whether or not the team would win, but he did believe that they’d be favored in the match-up. He wants the game to be rescheduled just like his players.

Clark State’s record is 2-9 and the Commodores are 5-14. They are conference foes in the OCCAC (Ohio Community College Athletic Conference). Clark State is in Division II and LCCC is Division III.