Matt Gergely

Staff Writer

It has come that time of year for students on campus. After returning from a wonderful Thanksgiving with their loved ones, many students will now have to prepare for the final stretch of their fall semester. While everyone has their own tips and tricks with dealing with the preparation for finals, Lorain County Community College provided students with a Study Skill and Test Anxiety workshop hosted by the AmeriCorps College Completion Coaches on Nov. 29th at 10:30am in the iLoft building room IL205 and on Nov. 30th at 5:30pm in the room IL212

   The AmeriCorps College Completion Coaches developed as a result of a partnership between the Ohio Association of Community Colleges and the Ohio College Access Network in 2012. The initiative is a program that places college graduates in Ohio community colleges with the goal of providing assistance to students who may need help in pursing their college path. The program has coaches for many different courses, and also gives in depth talks and workshops to help students prepare for tests.

   As many on the LCCC campus are aware, finals will be here soon with the pressure of studying and test taking looming over student’s heads. While some students have their own rituals to deal with the many stresses that come will finals preparations, many students do not really have a sound plan in studying for these upcoming test. This is where the AmeriCorps College Completion Coaches come into play.

   The AmeriCorps College Completion Coaches’ workshop is designed to evaluate you for an exam, and how to improve your test taking skills and anxiety in prepping for the finals. For many students, the finals they will take in a week is critical in the path their college degree or certificate.  Giving students a way to better prepare themselves for the stress of studying is what the AmeriCorps College Completion Coaches are all about. Whether it’s teaching you important tips and tricks with former college graduates or giving you a hands on experience in their workshop, the crew  is fully committed to their goal of helping students be the best they can be in taking their finals.   

  For more information, contact the AmeriCorps College Completion Coaches’ office at (614) 221-6222.