Mark Perez-Krywany

Sports Editor

One of Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion indicates that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This applies similarly, but not identical to the Lorain County Community College men’s and women’s basketball team as the Lady Commodores lose their third straight game to Westmoreland Community College 63-60, a game that could have been decided if a few possessions went the Commodores way.

“I told these girls at the beginning if the game that this was going to go downs to a one or two possession game,” said Vince Granito, head coach of the LCCC women’s basketball team. “There is not much you can do when you are in a situation like that. I thought the girls played really well, especially in the second half. We erased an 11-point lead in the second half.”

Going into the third quarter, LCCC was losing by 11. The largest deficit was 13 points for the Commodores. Offensively, the Commodores was led by Angel Blakely (21 points, 13 rebounds, two assists, two steals, eight turnovers) with 12 points in the third quarter. Though she had a hot third quarter, she went cold in the fourth, missing two shots. One of those shots was a potential game-tying 3-pointer in the final second that could send the game into overtime.

“It feels great that I can get more of my team involved and not being the only scorer,” Commodores’ guard Hannah Oehlstrom said about Blakley’s performance. “I like it when my team scores.”

“I think we were flat in the beginning of the game,” coach Granito said. But then they redeemed themselves in the second half.” He also liked their energy levels in the second half.

“If we can get out and give 40 minutes of that type (of energy), we win these type of games,” he said.

In the third quarter, Blakey drove to the basket and laid the ball in. The whistle was blown and the home crowd thought the call was an and-1. However, the referee called for a charge on Blakely. This wasn’t the only call that was questionable from the referees. On multiple occasions, LCCC’s Carrie Carlson felt like she was being fouled while shoot the ball on the 3-point line and she expressed it on the court as she showed her displeasure.

Carlson would then foul out of the game in the fourth quarter.

“Those calls can go either way for a lot of them,” said Coach Granito. “If you ask me, ‘did you think it was a travel?’ I think it was an and-1 … I’m never going to question the officials, because those officials just do a heck of a job, especially in a game like this.”

The Commodores turned the ball over 20 times against the Wolfpack, who turned the ball over 19 times on November 21, 2017 .

The stats that jump out for me, the 20 turnovers we done tonight, which again is way too many for us,” coach Granito said. For number two, we went to the free- throw line eight times. They went to the free-throw line 22 times. I’m not blaming the officiating. That’s on us. We need to attack the basket more.”

Oehlstrom believed that had some suggestions that the team should to prevent the high amount of turnovers.

“We were just kind of making lazy passes and they kind of stole the ball,” she said. “We need to slow our tempo.”d

For the Oehlstrom, she had an uncharacteristic game from her as she finished the game with 10 points while shooting 3-14 from the field (2-9 from the 3-point line).

“It was really off so I tried to incorporate other things in my game like assisting,” Oehlstrom said after the game as she was getting her ankle checked by the LCCC trainer. “But not everyday your shot is going to be on.”

Late in the game there was a pass thrown by Westmoreland’s Lauren Felix in transition but was intercepted by Oehlstrom, but she was heading out-of-bounds and she threw the ball behind her in an attempt to save the play. In doing that, she crashed into the bench on the Wolfpack’s side and hitting her head on the padded wall in the process.

“That’s the way Hannah (Oehlstrom) plays,” coach Granito said. “That doesn’t even surprise me. I think the thing that bothers me even more is that her teammates were sitting there looking to see if she was okay. Hannah (Oehlstrom) is fine. She is going to get back into the game. At that point, there was still a live ball and they (LCCC) ended up getting the ball back on the other end (of the court). This is a three-point game, a possession game. That could (have) ended up being the difference in the game.”

As Oehlstrom was speaking and the trainer was check her ankle, her tone of voice would change, almost as if she was feeling some pain as the trainer was examining her. Later, it was revealed that there was a possible ankle sprain. She would then play against both Lakeland and Edison Community College, games that the Commodores would both lose and would extend their losing streak to five games.

The Commodores hope to end their struggles against The Ohio State University at Mansfield on December 6, 2016.