LCCC Culinary Art students prepare meals for upcoming events in the Spitzer Conference Center. The leftover food will be donated to help feed the hungry.

Matt Gergely

Staff Writer

  As time comes closer towards the end of the fall semester and the beginning of winter break, some students may not be aware how lucky they are compared to many of their fellow citizens. As the holidays come along and they sit down and enjoy delicious food with their family and friends, they can easily forget that there are many who do not have this luxury and may go a day or two without a meal. However, Lorain County Community College has decided to take charge, and more people on campus are getting  involved in helping, especially the kitchen department.

   According to statistics by the Meal Gap map by Feeding America, more than 20% of Lorain County residents lack food security.  To help counter this problem, LCCC has taken the lead on tackling this issue facing the community as part of its #HungerFreeLCCC campaign with its success with over 3,000 pounds of food and about $2,700 donated. However, it isn’t only students that are getting involved, for the college culinary department is also lending its hand to fight the issue of food insecurity.

   “Our friends at the Spitzer Conference Center can now package food that is not served but prepared for conferences hosted at Lorain Community College and freeze it and donate it to either our Commodore Cupboard or a local food pantry,” said Lisa Brown, Executive Director of the LCCC Foundation. This initiative by the Conferencing Center is a new program that was created by the Director of the Spitzer Conference Center Debbie Jancsura, and is an example of how LCCC is committed to its goal of ending hunger on its campus.

    With the large number of conferences and events hosted at the Spitzer Conference Center, large amounts of perfectly, uneaten food are potentially wasted. “We have many cases at LCCC were we have leftover food as a result of lack of attendance or lack of appetite, and it’s a shame to have to waste all that perfectly good food,” Brown commented.

  The food that is not served at Spitzer Conferences at LCCC are then frozen by the conference and kitchen staff and after that is transported to multiplying locations with the most prominent being the Commodore Cupboard.  This can be seen as the college giving back to their students who are going through a hard time in their life and can’t adequately supply themselves with food every day.

  Anyone interested in helping the fight against the insecurity of food amongst students on campus can volunteer their time and/or donate to the Commodore Cupboard which is open Mondays 3-5pm and Thursdays 12:30-2:30pm.

The cupboard will also be open for students during the winter break under the fall semester hours. To contact the Commodore Cupboard, call (440) 366-4745 or email the cupboard at Also, drop off bins for canned goods and non-perishable food items are located next to the Security Office in the Educational Services building.