Logan Mencke


Students on campus are invited to participate in a contest to design the T-shirts volunteers of Community Outreach events will be wearing during the activities next year.

  The goal is to get more students involved in the college’s Community Outreach events for 2018, according to Kevin Cloud, an administrative assistant in Marketing and organizer of the contest.

The Marketing and Outreach team on campus developed the concept for a contest when contemplating ideas on how to encourage more students to partake in the various events the college is involved in throughout the county each summer.  Examining every aspect of what volunteers do during the events, the team noticed the T-shirts the volunteers wear at the events looked dated.  “We wanted to do something new, but instead of us putting it together, why not have the students give it a go?” said Cloud.

  Not only is the contest about redesigning T-shirts for volunteers, but it’s the beginning of redesigning the Community Outreach program as a whole.

  In past events, volunteers mainly would do the average, basic volunteer work such as passing out information about the college.  Future events will have volunteers using iPads to showcase LCCC’s website, and the Fablab is planning to bring 3-D printers to make the events even more fun for everyone including the volunteers.  “For awhile the program started to get a bit stale.  It was just folks sitting in a booth handing out brochures which worked awhile ago really well, but we want to shake that up a bit,” Cloud explained.

  The winner of the contest will receive $150 in art supplies from LCCC’s bookstore. For more information, contact Kevin Cloud at kcloud@lorainccc.edu.