Zachary Smith


The Lorain County Community College Cross Country team headed to nationals this past week and finished well amongst other schools in doing so.

The Men’s squad finished  the meet  placed 23rd out of 29th at nationals, while the Women’s squad finished fifth out of 29.

Gabrielle Post posted her personal best while at nationals; leading the Commodores  to a top 10 finish, in what was a season to remember for LCCC runners. She also placed 19th. The next Commodore to finish placed was Heather Wigton in 36th.

Micah Swartz’s finish the meet in 66th place.

When asked about expectations next year, LCCC Cross Country’s Head Coach James Powers said, “The boys we hope to see better growth next season. They all have a year under their belt now. The girls will be in a good position to finish highly at nationals again next year. Most of the girls were in just their first year as well, so next year should be fun.” LCCC Cross Country workouts will be held in early January to prepare for the next season.