Zac Wenzel

Staff Writer

Duck Radio has been a pillar of Lorain County Community College since 1995, and is set to undergo a rebranding in the coming months, complete with a new format and name.

   Duck Radio, soon to be Boom Radio, is attempting to make the online station more student oriented, giving them the power to choose the music and content broadcasted onto the station, offering more diversity then the station has been in the past and putting the power into the hands of students. “We want the station to be open to anyone that is a student,” said Dee Gross, Professor at LCCC.

   The changes are meant to create a new attitude towards programming, opening up the station to more music genres depending on the taste of the students. As well as introducing podcasts, sports, and interviews. “It all depends on what the student wants to do,” said Gross.

   The changes are being celebrated during a remote broadcast event on the LCCC campus on November 29 put on by students from the intro to radio production class. This event is designed to give the students practical experience for radio productions from a remote location, as well as allowing them to develop their on-air personalities. The event is open to the public and will include music, trivia, prizes, and on-air interviews with attendees. Gross also sees the event as a great way to brand the changes to the station and to get it back into the consciousness of LCCC.

  The event will run from 8:30-11:30 a.m. on Nov. 29 in the College Center on campus.