Malik Anderson


Campus Security Department has released its annual security report, which provides evidence that Lorain County Community College is a safe and friendly environment for students, faculty and staff.

  Only one case has been reported in 2016, according a recent report which is equivalent to what was reported in 2015. The case was a forcible sex offense that didn’t lead to any arrest or further investigation due to fallacious information involving the victims.

   Campus security also provides 24 hour-a-day security presence to all members on campus, also providing assistance when necessary. This includes vehicle assistance, emergency response, and escorts to and from parking lots and classrooms.

   LCCC also conducts on-campus sessions and services which addresses certain issues like substance abuse, crime prevention, and sexual assault. Speakers at these at events spread awareness on topics such as domestic violence and emergency preparedness for students and staff in case of a live-shooter incident takes place on school grounds.

Kenneth Collins, manager of security, is pleased with the safety of the campus. With minimal amounts of reports happening within the past years, LCCC can be accounted as safe a campus as any.

  Collins did mention that with the rural location of the campus it’s “safer” than if it was located more towards a city. Also, with LCCC typically not being a residential campus like larger universities, students usually spend less time on campus.

Information and links can be found on the campus website, and LCCC also has an Emergency Notification System that sends alerts to inform campus members in case of an unexpected threat to health or safety.