Matt Gergely

Staff Writer

First Responders serve an important function in our society. Whether it is responding to a fire or a shooting, first responders are tasked with being the first to deal with serious events. To help train our best to prepare for tasks ahead, they have found in LCCC a perfect place to practice and perfect their trade for when they are eventually thrust into the scene.

LCCC provide parts of their campus as training ground for both the Elyria Police and Fire Departments respectfully. The training would be a five hour event lasting from 1:00pm to 6:00p.m and took place on Nov. 3. The building used for practice was the Business Building and the 1st and 6th parking lots were filled with first responder vehicles, including fire trucks and police cars. Even though the building was being used, the second floor was still available to students to help get across campus. Only the first floor was off limits to students and campus staff.

Student got to see firsthand at the excessive amount of training our men in blue go to in order to serve their community faithfully.

Much time is dedicated by each first-responder into practicing to help protect fellow citizens. “We are more than happy to support our local police and fire department here in Elyria and continue to build this relationship between Campus Security and Elyria Police and Fire,” Christina McKay of Campus Security stated.  “Giving real life environments to first-responders is critical into providing an effective force of men and women who can do their jobs to the best of their availability.”

For more information, please contact the Campus Security & Physical Plant of LCCC at (440) 366-4053.