Zac Wenzel

Staff Writer

Lorain County is rich with artistic talents of all different varieties.  An art exhibit at the Stocker Arts Center on the campus of Lorain County Community College is honoring three artists in particular who have passed away in recent years.

Paul Arnold, David Jancheski, and Mary Owen Rosenthal are all print making artists from Northeast Ohio and have all made impacts on the art scene in the area prior to and even after their deaths. “I wanted this to be a legacy exhibit,” said Beth Bryan, operations coordinator for the Stock Arts Center. “These are well known artists not just in Lorain County, but are known outside of just the county.”

In addition to the three featured artists are two living artists; Sean Crum, an accomplished etcher, and Claudio Orso-Giacone, student of Mary Rosenthal and friend to Paul Arnold. They are featured alongside the other artists for their skills in print making, and in Orsos case his personal connection to Rosenthal, who he considers his “art mom”. Both Orso and Crum share their artistic skills by teaching various classes in Oberlin.

The diversity both in ethnicity and style of the five artists make this exhibit a unique one for LCCC and is providing the community with an opportunity to see the artistic talents of those in their own communities.

The art showcase exhibit will run through Dec. 17, and will be open during most of the Stocker Centers biggest Christmas programs.