Mark Perez-Krywany

Sports Editor

The Lorain County Community College women’s basketball team entered the third quarter against the University of Pittsburgh of Titusville at with a nine-point lead and left the game with an 87-82 loss, despite Hannah Oehlstrom and Angel Blakely high scoring performances.

“We didn’t value our possessions,” said Vince Granito, head coach of the LCCC women’s basketball team that is now 3-4. “If you look at it, they had only 11 turnovers and we had 26 turnovers as a team. So I think that killed us. We just had way too many turnovers. They then scored 14 points off of the turnovers and that ended up being the difference.”

In the first half, Oehlstrom scored 21 points and made all five of her 3-point shots. 

“It was really on,” Oehlstrom (28 points, 13 rebounds, two assists, two steals) said. “I wasn’t expecting it to be that on. Every shot that I shot just went in.”

She then scored six points in the next half and made one of her five 3-point shots she attempted.

“I feel like in the second half I rushed my shot a little more,” she said. “They were up close on me more, trying to make me force me up so I did that.”

“I think the biggest surprise for us this year is how much of a scorer she been this year,” coach Granito said.  “In high school, they didn’t rely on her for scoring. They relied on her for a lot of these hustle type things.” He was referring to Avon Lake High School, the school in which she attended.

In the first half, Rose Carter was fouled on the sideline near the Panthers’ bench and she tweaked her hamstring. She returned to the game in the fourth quarter; contributed with five points in non-garbage time.

“Our big issue right now is we have Hannah (Oehlstrom) with 27 points, Jasmine (White) with 18 (points), Angel (Blakely) with 28 (points) and we didn’t have anyone else with more than five points,” said coach Granito.  “We are not going to win when we only have three people scoring. We need a fourth and a fifth scorer.”

Commodores’ Carrie Carlson, who is one of three LCCC players that average double-digit points this season shot 1-13 from the field(0-10 on 3-pointers). She also had five turnovers, the most for any Commodore that night.

“She (Carlson) passed up on a lot of shots and I think part of it was because she was overthinking about it too much.”

“The gym was a little bit cold here today. So I think this is a good lesson for all of our kids,” said coach Granito. “We have to make sure they really warm up thoroughly at the begining of the game and make sure that they are coming out and doing what they can to make sure.”

Panthers Samantha McHenry (29 points), Alexis O’Donnell (23 points) and Rebecca Fagley (20 points) were their best scorers. Most of thier points were scored in the third and fourth quarters.

LCCC’s next game will be  against the 4-1 Westmoreland Community College women’s teams at home on November 21, 2015 at 5:00  p.m.