Matt Gergely

Staff Writer

The college campus is an opening for many in the United States to experience culture and life that is different than their own. The diversity on campus will become an eye opener for those who spent most of their life inside their hometown. This is why colleges try their best to provide the most diverse and cultural experience to their students and Lorain County Community College is no exception.

  LCCC is no stranger in promoting diversity on its campus. Their different organizations like the Black Progressives and Muslim Student Alliance offer LCCC a unique perspective into each of those communities respectfully. However, the Multicultural Club on campus provides an array of diversity to students.

  The Multicultural Club is a unique organization on campus where it promotes interaction between regular native students and those who are here on study abroad programs from different countries.  The club’s president is Seohyun Park and the vice president is Saul Aguilar. Under their leadership the club has taken an aggressive step towards offering students from other nations a platform to talk about their homeland and an audience that is interested in foreign cultures and customs.   

Vice President Saul Aguilar stated at a club meeting, “Our mission is to provide a platform here at LCCC so our study abroad students can express themselves and their homeland”.

Students are able to attend every Friday at the University Center to hear students talk about a country they are from or are interested about. Already, LCCC foreign student speakers from China, Germany, and South Korea have given presentations about their homeland respectfully, and the club also has hosted local leaders from around Lorain County to speak about other cultures.

Rev. Peter Toth of the Hungarian Reform Church of Lorain has appeared as a guest speaker at a presentation about Hungarian culture and customs at a regular club meeting.

  Toth was invited to present about his former country of Hungary as part of the club’s remembrance of the 60th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution against the Soviet Union which resulted in many Hungarian refugees immigrating to the United States. “Hungarians, like many of ethnicities in this country, has contributed much to the American story and it was a nice experience to come out and talk about my country to the young people,” Toth stated.

Like other presentations, traditional Hungarian food was provided as well as plenty of pictures and artifacts for viewers to interact with; all provided by Toth and the Hungarian Reform Church. The experience enlightened students who were unaware of Hungary or its 1956 revolution for freedom.

  Besides from giving regular students a taste of other cultures, the club also gives foreign exchange students the opportunity to experience American culture as well. If the majority of the club members are international students, it gives American students the chance to show parts that are uniquely American. The club promotes field trips to place all across Ohio to give the foreign students a taste of America. Recent field trips include a trip down to a famous Apple Orchard as preparation for fall and a visit to Dearborn, Michigan to visit Greenfield village where famous buildings of infamous Americans like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and the Wright Brothers.

These trips are all funded by the club as they are active in volunteering at LCCC with recently helping out with the Harvest Festival.

  Anyone interested in joining the Multicultural Club can attend one of the many club meetings taking place this semester. Meetings are held on every Friday at 12:30 pm in the University Center Building room 215. For more information, contact Student Life at (440) 366-4036. The club does maintain a Facebook page and anyone is free to join.