Andre B. Malabanan


Majority of the reports in the Campus Security since the beginning of the 2017 fall semester falls under the category of ‘Motor Vehicle Accidents’.

“I think a lot of it has to do with time, people in a rush and I believe that some maybe whether on their cell phones or distracted,” said Campus Security officer Brandon Brown.

  On the morning of Sep. 14, a motor veicle accident between two students in parking lot 5 was reported to the Campus Security. The complainant stated in his incident report that he was heading west through the parking lot when another vehicle backed out of a parking spot striking the complainant’s gray Chevrolet K3500; which resulted to a dent and a broken tail light. Both parties involved in the accident were not injured.

  “If you would just spend 5-10 seconds looking around, being cautious, you wouldn’t have to spend much longer time when you get into an accident,” Brown said.

Since the beginning of fall semester in August, 70 percent  of the reported incidents is MVA or a vehicle-related accident. Officer Brown suggested that posted speed limits could help minimize such accidents. “I don’t think we have enough posted speed limits on the parking way and on the driveway,” he said. “It couldn’t hurt to have them posted, to remind the people to slow down, look, watch where they’re going. Whether you’re talking to somebody in the car or you’re listening to a music, holding your phone, remember that a lot of these reports are just because of distractions.” he added.