Kerri Klatt

Staff Writer

The Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Department of Lorain County Community College is collaborating with the Lorain County Health District to develop plans to install bicycle racks as well as expansion for motorcycle parking on campus.        

  The new editions will be open for use to all students, employees, and community members come spring. The plan to install the racks is to promote active transportation within the community. “We are still in the planning phase,” said Lisa Augustine, for the HPER Department, “I represent LCCC as part of the active transportation initiative as part of vision 20/20.” This plan aligns with the college’s 20/20 vision that describes this initiative for the college’s future.

The Lorain County Health District will donate $500 dollars towards the installation as well as $500 dollars matching donation from the HPER department. Bringing the donation total to $1,000 dollars to use towards the future editions. “We are using the u-shaped bicycle racks because that is what is recommended by the Elyria Bicycle Advisor Committee,” said Augustine. The u-shaped bicycle racks can hold two bicycles per rack. “I look to get a couple sets of four,” said Augustine, “They are about $80 per u-shape rack.”

The bicycle rack idea had come from an LCCC student. That one student simply asked why there was a lack of bicycle racks. “We have to practice what we preach,” said Augustine. There was a 10% response rate for the electronic survey with over 100 people that participated in the survey.  “We know that there is data there,” said Augustine.

LCCC students, staff, and faculty members were able to participate in a survey for the collection of data concerning the installation of bicycle racks.  “We are working on a piece with motorcycles too,” said Augustine, “it was a positive unintentional outcome that came about after the survey results.”

The HPER department also plans on providing educational sessions and events surrounding the installation of the bicycle racks.

“We are working to have faculty, staff, student, and community members options for educational sessions launching the bicycle rack installation. Welcome week will be our launch platform to educate and provide safety sessions,” said Augustine, “We are empowering the people with giving them the tools to be safe.”