Matt Gergely


As the cold winds of autumn approaches, Lorain County Community College students and all registered voters across Ohio will head to the voting booth.  Perhaps the most infamous decision on the ballot this year is Issue 2: The Drug Price Standards Initiative.  In order to provide an informative discussion about Issue 2, the Lorain County Democratic Party hosted a public forum at the Spitzer Conference Hall on Oct. 25; a couple of weeks before election day.

  Issue 2 has made a splash on the political scene since it was officially approved for the ballot on Sept. 30.

    Polls conducted by SurveyUSA found about 54 percent of Ohioans are still undecided about the issue compared to the 30 percent for and 15 percent against. This indecisiveness has led the Lorain County Democratic Party to host a public forum to allow the public to be informed about both sides of the issue. Unfortunately, the speaker for the “No” side was unable to make the forum, but that didn’t stop voters from learning about both sides of Issue 2.

   The forum was moderated by the Director of the Lorain County Board of Elections and Lorain City Democrat Chairman Paul Adams. The speaker for the “Yes” side of the ballot was Derek Barnett, a consultant of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation located in Cleveland. With no speaker for the “No” side present, a member of the Lorain County Democrats read the official statement of the “No” campaign submitted to the Ohio Secretary of State.

   Barnett spoke for about 90 minutes and answered many questions from concerned voters ranging from the impact of the issue on Ohioans who aren’t covered by state insurance to the legal defense of the initiative’s sponsors.

Barnett was asked questions from both sides of the issue but was successful in answering and informing voters about an important issue that can affect as many as 4 out of 10 Ohioans.

For those who are interested in learning more about state Issue 2, log on to for the “Yes” campaign and for the “No” campaign.