Matt Gergely


  As students all across the United States leave their homes dressed as goblins and ghouls in search of candy this Halloween, volunteers all across campus are getting involved in a community wide effort in Lorain County to destroy hunger insecurity.

  “The way we learned about the lack of food was actually from the voice of our students”, Vice President Tracy Green stated. Green said that LCCC President Dr. Marcia Ballinger was aware of the problem students were facing concerning hunger even before she became the campus’s president last year. Seeing this problem, Ballinger made compacting poverty a major goal for her campus.

  “Our goal was to help eliminate barriers that our students were facing and one barrier that we weren’t in tune with or familiar with was that we do have students that are going hungry,” Green said. However, it isn’t only students that may suffer from food insecurities but their families as well. According to Green, “Some students make the choice whether to buy a textbook or food for themselves and their families.” LCCC is trying to fight this insecurity because it is impeding on students and preventing them from being successful.

   The HungerFreeLCCC challenge isn’t the first attempt made by Lorain County Community College to provide students with an easy access to food. In recent years, the Commodore Cupboard was created as a way to provide students and their families a quick and easy way to access food. The food given out by the Commodore Cupboard is 100% donated and is completely operated by volunteers.

  While LCCC is taking the fight to the campus, it is supporting the fight against hunger all across Lorain County. Organizations like the Second Harvest Food Bank and charities like Chicks against Hunger have teamed up with LCCC in their goal to provide anyone that needs food in Lorain County.

  Anyone interested in supporting the HungerFreeLCCC can log on to the HungerFree LCCC page at LCCC’s website for more information.