Jonathan Kapalin


Being   a   student   at   Lorain   County   Community   Colleges   has   many   advantages   to   it.   Not   only   do they   receive   a   great   education   at   an   affordable   cost,   you   also   receive   perks   for   being   a   student, teacher,   or   staff   member.   All   you   have   to   do   is   show   your   student   I.D.   at   participating   locations which   can   be   located   on   Abbe   Rd   and   Detroit   Rd.

  As   a   student   at   LCCC   you   even   receive   campus   perks.   At   the   LCCC   bookstore   there are   Commodore   Rewards.

  Students   receive   these   deals   due   to   the   hard   work   of   a   subcommittee   including   members    Beth Plas   and   Kathy   Hodkey of the Science and Math division.   This   subcommittee   started   voluntary   and   believe   this   is   a   great opportunity   for   students,   staff,   and   faculty.   They   hope   this   helps   students   and   the   businesses alike.   They   start   the   process   by   talking   to   the   owner   or   manager   of   a   place   and   usually   they   are happy   to   provide   these   deals.

   If   students   have   any   questions   you   can   go   to   the Science   and   Math   building   where   you   can   find   Plass   an Hodkey .    Also,   if   students   want   to   help   in any   way   you   may   also   see   them   about   that   as   it   is   a   small   subcommittee   and   they   could   use   the help.   This   is   a   great   opportunity   for   students   and   faculty   alike   to   save   money   and   enjoy   the   perks of   being   a   student   at   LCCC.   

  The   full   list   will   be   included   below   just   remember   to   show   your student   ID   to   get   these   perks.

  • AA   Vacuum   World-   10%
  • Our   Gang   Hair   and   Nail   Studio-   10%
  • Verizon   Wireless   15%
  • Elyria   Dry   Cleaners-   10%
  • Coiffures   by   Francesca’s   Hair-   15%
  • Candlelite   Brible-  See store for discounts
  • Regal   Cobblestone   Theatre-   $1.75   off   tickets   except   Tuesdays
  • Angelina’s   Pizza-   15%
  • Arby’s-   10%
  • Burger   King-   15%
  • Cozzeria   Pizza-   20%
  • Dairy   Queen-   10%
  • Dave’s   Cosmic   Subs-   15%
  • Domino’s   Pizza-   20%
  • Don   Tequila   Bar   and   Grill-   10%
  • Frankie   &   MJ’s   Family Restaurant-10%
  • Marco’s   Pizza-   20%
  • Mr.   Hero’s-   20%
  • New   Chinatown   Buffet-   10%
  • Pizza   Hut-   20%
  • Stubby’s   Pub   and   Grub-   10%
  • Subway-   $1   off   Footlongs   with   no   other   coupons
  • Sugar   Creek   Restaurant-   10%
  • Taco   Bell-   Free   Drink
  • Quaker   Steak   and   Lube-   $2   off   on   Tuesday,   All   you   Can   Eat   Wing   Buffet
  • Commodore   Books   (LCCC   Bookstore)-   Commodore   Rewards,   10%   off   for   Veteran’s (stipulations   apply)
  • LCCC   Marketplace-   Rewards   Card
  • LCCC   Starbucks-   Rewards   Card
  • LCCC   Stocker   Center-   Check   LCCC   website   for   student   discounts Microsoft   Office   Suite-   contact   Core   Tech (Bookstore)