Logan Mencke


The Student Senate will be hosting the annual Harvest Festival on Oct. 28 from 11 am to 3 p.m. in the College Center on campus.

  The Harvest Festival is a Halloween-themed, family-friendly event with various activities that is open to the community.  Similar to last year’s festival, a Trunk-or-Treat will be held outside in the Bass Library parking lot.  Those who participate in the Trunk-or-Treat decorate the trunks of their cars with Halloween decorations and pass out candy to the attendees.  Student Senate will provide all the candy and will also award a prize to the best decorated trunk.

   The event is sponsored by the UAW Local 2000; the union that represents employees and retirees of Ford’s Ohio assembly plant located in Avon Lake.

More than just a fun time for the community, the festival also will serve as a food drive.  “The admission is free, but we are asking that everyone who comes bring one canned item to donate,” said Alex Moen, the president of the Student Senate.  “Our goal is to collect at least 400 canned goods.”

  In exchange for the UAW sponsorship, the Student Senate was asked to help with the UAW’s “Feed the Needy” campaign; an annual charity event where they provide Thanksgiving dinners and canned items for those in need.  “In discussion with them (UAW), we explained that candy is very expensive and we always run out, and they said they would donate money to us to buy all the candy, and in return give them as many canned goods we can collect,” said Moen.

  Currently, there is a competition among the LCCC offices to bring in the most canned goods.  The office that contributes the most canned goods will win a mini-fridge.

  Some of the other activities include a bouncy house, carnival games, and a mummy-wrapping game where children will either be wrapped in toilet paper or the children wrap their parents.

  Volunteers are needed for participating in the Trunk-or-Treat, helping with operating the game stations, and clean up after the event has ended. Also, volunteers are asked to dress in a costume for the event.

A prize will be awarded to the volunteer with the best costume.