Malik Anderson

A hit-and-run was reported on Aug. 30, by the owner of a dark-blue 2012 Toyota Prius, that was parked at the east end of Parking Lot 2.

Campus Security was flagged down by the owner soon as she noticed the damage, stating to the officer that she parked her vehicle around 8am and later returned approximately 12pm to find damage done to the left-rear bumper of her Prius.

Officer then took photographs of the damage, later returning to the Campus Security Station, to review video footage of the area during the time of when incident might’ve taken place. At 8:43am, surveillance shows a dark-colored vehicle with tinted windows, tinted license plate covers, and a rear-spoiler turning left into the parking space next to the Prius.

At the time mentioned previously, the vehicle was seen crashing into the left-rear bumper of the Prius. Immediately the suspect left the scene and was spotted headed towards the west end of Lot 2 parking in a different spot.   

Campus Security will still be checking parking lots at various times in attempt to locate the suspected vehicle.