Malik Anderson

   An LCCC employee stopped in the Campus Security Office to report that her ZTE cell phone was stolen approximately an hour or so earlier at 1 pm Aug. 25 in the CC building on the second floor.

   The employee stated that she was sitting on a bench across from the Student Life office as she set her phone down on the seat and walked away, and later returned to find the phone missing.

Campus officer later reviewed video surveillance footage of the area. Victim is seen sitting in the chair at 11:45 a.m., she stands up and then walks away. Not even one-minute past before three adults and a child (daughter of one of the adults) walk by the seat. One of the adults is seen pointing at the phone in a way as if signaling the child to grab the phone, handing it to her parents.

  The group is seen standing in front of the Testing Center for several minutes, never entering any offices on the floor.

  Members of the group were later identified and two of them were noticed the next day, (Aug. 26) waiting in the Financial Services line by campus officer. The officer spoke to the members and showed printouts of the surveillance footage, both admitting to having the phone at their home.

Later the officer reached out to the other members that were present when the phone was taken, the culprit stated that the phone was not stolen, but “found”.

   After receiving a call back, campus security spoke with the known suspect reminding him that if the phone isn’t returned within the day, Elyria police would then be notified. Suspect then got argumentative stating the phone wasn’t stolen but “found by his 10-year-old daughter.”

The suspect then agreed to turn the cell phone in later that day but there was a factory reset on the cell phone, with the SIM removed.