Matt Gergely

As autumn begins at LCCC, students from around campus will begin attending the various clubs and organizations that is offered at LCCC.

A select few students took the next step in their respective clubs and organizations by becoming officers. Many of these new officers took part in the Officer and Advisor Informational meeting hosted by Student Life facility in the iLoft Learning Center on Sep. 29.

Student Life made improving accessibility to resources and forms to its clubs a primary goal over the summer and its focus point during the meeting and it achieve this goal through making most of the forms available through the Student Life page on the LCCC website.

Nobody was more proud of the work that Student Life accomplished this summer then Rochelle Fairley, the Administrative Assistant of Student Life, and she is very excited about the new accessibility for club officers and students, “By making our forms available online, we make it more accessible and convenient for students and that was our main goal and I feel like Student Life has accomplished this,” said Fairley.

All forms on the Student Life website are PDF so students can easily submit their forms online to student life which allows the process of transactions between the clubs and the Student Life office to be conducted in a more fast and efficient manner.

“In the summer, I worked very hard to get all the forms online. Now there is still some kinks and its not fool proof but mostly all of them are successfully coming over and now students don’t have to solely rely on the Student Life office to get forms,” Fairley stated.

Another perk available to clubs mentioned in the meeting is the brand new club office which is located behind the Student Life desk and was formerly the space which is now the Veteran’s Center. The office is available for clubs to sign out to conduct meetings, access the internet, etc.  The space will also be used as a training space for clubs and Student Life workers. The only requirement to maintain a cubicle in the office is for the club to actively use it throughout the semester.

“We really liked what we did with the new office space. We updated everything to try and make things more convenient for everyone, that was my goal, and get this stuff out of the way so we could help people and students with their events. A lot of these students have a lot on their plate and I commended our club officers for their dedication and sacrifice,” Fairley said.

The clubs offered at Lorain County Community College have a large variety of interest and fields from the Multicultural Club where LCCC students can interact with LCCC study abroad students to learn about different cultures to the Environment Awareness Council which promotes environmental issues .

Anyone interested in joining or starting a club can contact the Student Life Center at (440) 366-4036.