Matt Gergely

Lorain County Community College’s University Partnership held an information session on Sep. 20 on a new addition to its various partnership opportunities for its students.

    Dr. Doug Bird, Director of the Parker MBA Program at Lake Erie College, spoke in the University Partnership building on the new Master of Business Administration program being offered to LCCC students. This is the first program being offered by Lake Erie College through LCCC and Dr. Bird was very excited about the partnership between the two colleges.

   “They (LCCC) have the expertise of the lay of the land here and the type of students, businesses, and industries. We (Lake Erie) have the expertise of delivering a quality high level MBA program and when you put those two things together, you have a partnership that works in collaboration and that opens opportunities for people,” Bird stated.

  Dr. Doug Bird was very vocal at the information meeting about the financial gains one can obtain and the availability of jobs demanding an MBA degree in Lorain County.

  “If you look just at Lorain County alone, the number of jobs requiring advanced degrees, including MBAs is in the thousands and that tells all of us that there are a lot of organizations and businesses that are looking for people that have that specific degree. So, we are trying to provide them (organizations) an opportunity to have graduates come out with the degree that they’re looking for,” Bird expalined.

  Lake Erie College emphasizes its unique approach to the way students learn and incorporate the courses in the program. The program provides students, especially working adults, a way to express their experiences providing diversity to the MBA class. The college believes that allowing students this expression, grants them the same knowledge as reading a textbook or anything else presented in a classroom.

  Another big selling point of the MBA courses is the way it impacts the students who take the program. “Our MBA degree is to help you be a better manager and leader in any industry or organization you plan to work in,” Bird states.

   Students at LCCC are not the only ones who can reap the benefits of the MBA program; non LCCC students will also have an opportunity to experience the program.

   Anyone interested in the program can visit Lake Erie’s University Partnership office in the University Center located on campus.

   Lake Erie is holding another informational session at LCCC on Oct. 18.  For more information, contact Doug Bird, Ph.D. at (440) 375-7075 or at