Zac Wenzel
Staff Writer

  Northeast Ohio is a unique area that has always been a melting pot of different cultures. From the steel mills in Lorain and Cleveland, to the arts districts of Oberlin and Gordon Square. The third annual FireFish Festival, is an event where industry and art meet, right in the heart of the state where the two are intertwined.

  Lorain County Community College’s presence will be felt heavily during the festival, which runs Oct. 6 and 7 in downtown Lorain.

  The festival is a celebration of the revitalization of cities through technology, engineering and art and the roles they play on a community’s economy while highlighting the potential of the visions shared by those who live there.

  Students and faculty alike are involved in the festival both as entertainers and artists as well as volunteer workers and organizers. Including the FireFish Steam Academy, which throughout the summer constructed a steam punk fish in the FabLab, located on campus, that is slated to be part of a spectacular pyrotechnics show during the festival.

   Joan Perch, the Program and Outreach Coordinator for the Campana Center for Ideation and Invention on the LCCC campus has been instrumental in the teamwork between the college and the festival organizers. “This festival is not your average thing,” says Perch, adding that, “people have come from all over the state and said that this is their favorite festival ever.”

  The festival will feature art exhibits, live music and dance, food trucks and is intended to be something the whole family can enjoy. The post office located in Downtown Lorain is slated to be part of a projection art project and is just one of many art exhibits planned, and the festival is capped off with the FireFish processional that includes the ceremonial burning of a fish.

  Perch sees Lorain County as an ideal place for a festival like the FireFish Fest, by asking people to take into account the meaning of the two words. Fire, representing transformation and in this area, manufacturing. And then Fish, representing nature, the lakes and rivers and our proximity to them. The mixing of these two things, going hand-in-hand with the mixing of art and manufacturing and technology represented by the festival. “While the festival takes place in the city of Lorain, it really is about all of Lorain County.”

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