Logan Mencke

   With October being a month dedicated to celebrating manufacturing, the Society of Women’s Engineers (SWE) will host the “STEM Showcase and Discover Your Super Hero” event on Oct. 10 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in College Center Commons.

  STEM is an acronym for an educational curriculum that stands for science, technology, engineering, and math.

  The event will feature a variety of female speakers to share their knowledge as well as their experiences within industries where STEM education is vital.

  Jessica Rannow, the SWE president, will give a “lightning talk”, a short presentation, to inspire students into choosing STEM careers.  “I have heard Jessica’s talks several times and she is a really inspirational leader,” said Ramona Anand, the SWE faculty advisor at Lorain County Community College.  “I’m very certain our students will highly benefit from her talk.”

  A panel of incoming SWE high school members will have a robot they assembled on display and discuss their experience of putting it all together.  However, the robot has not yet been programmed to be operational, so it may not be fully functional until next year’s STEM event.

  Officers from the U.S. Army will also be speaking to students about the benefits of a STEM education.  In addition, the Army is also providing a STEM truck for students.

  “The STEM truck is actually coming from Fort Knox, and is definitely a big expense for the Army and we’re very thankful for this partnership and the support they are offering,” said Anand.

  The event is aimed at getting the attention of female middle and high-school students because they’re at the age of deciding on a career. Also, these students are beginning to research different programs offered by colleges.

  Female students are targeted for STEM education due to the fact that they make up such a small number of engineers.  Presently, only 11% of engineers are women, according to Anand.  “When it comes to diversity or minority that’s minimal, so that’s the area we’re focusing on,” she explained.

  SWE was established in 2012 with a group of only three students; that number has increased to 50 members.  Moreover, LCCC was the first community college in the nation to have a group of it’s kind.

  “We have been hosting  outreach activities on a ongoing basis annually.  We started out the first year with 20 antendess; this year there will be around 500 antendess,” said Anand.

The event will be live broadcasted to schools that are interested but are not in driving distance to LCCC.

  For additional information, contact Ramona Anand at ranand@lorainccc.edu.