Logan Mencke
Editor-in Chief

   Student Senate has partnered with AmeriCorps to give back to the community by putting together the Children’s Drive.

   The goal of the Children’s Drive is to collect items such as books, toys, and clothing to donate them to the Children’s Learning Center on campus and the Horizon Education Centers.

   The Drive is a part of the senate’s 9/11 service project; an annual project put together as a way of remembering 9/11.  “Individuals and community partners give back to their communities to commemorate those who lost their lives and saved lives on 9/11,” said Alex Moen, the president of the Student Senate.

  AmeriCorps, a civil society program that engages adults in public service works, was chosen by the Student Senate  to partner with because they are required to do a 9/11 service project as well.

   Those who would like to donate can bring their items to the Student Senate office located on the second floor of the College Center building in room CC 203.  One raffle ticket will be given for each item that is donated.  A drawing will be held on Sept. 30 and the winner will receive a water speaker.  Originally, the Drive was going to held from Sep. 1-11, but the senate made the decision to extend it to the end of the month.