Madelyn Hill
JRNM 151 Student

Student Senate President Alex Moen and Vice President Christie Tchompalov along with other Student Senate members have dedicated themselves to be the “voice of the students” . The Student Senate’s main task is to be the bridge between the students and administration.

To promote student engagement, the Student Senate has created a list of goals including, a student engagement plan, a Student Life/Senate scholarship, and an activities lounge.

 The students’ activities lounge is new and will be open to all LCCC students along with the community. The location for the lounge as of now is undetermined.

 A new activity that is being introduced this year is therapy dogs that students will be able to interact with from Dec. 11-13.  There will be five therapy dogs in the Teacher Education Resource Center and at least three dogs in other various locations.

  Student Senate is trying to get more students involved by continuing the International Outings. Tchompalov said that this year the International Outings will be “open to all students.”

  Another exciting program to encourage student involvement is a Student Senate/ Student Life scholarship that will be awarded to “students who are well rounded and involved in campus life.” This year, the Student Senate is making it their primary goal to get more students involved in school activities.