Logan Mencke

   Lorain County Community College will have the honor of experiencing traditional Chinese culture by hosting Chinese musicians and dancers from Changsha Normal University on Sept. 25 in the Stocker Center.

  The Director of International Education Annouska Remmert, Ph.D. visited the university last summer to explore opportunities for partnerships with LCCC.  During her visit, the university was holding their graduation ceremony and a group of faculty musicians were performing for the crowd.  “I really liked them a lot and they were interested in coming here to perform for us,” said Remmert.

   This performance is a part of the Chinese government’s promotion of traditional Chinese culture to foreign countries.  “The Chinese government pays for their expenses to come here,” said Remmert.

   Additionally, when the faculty musicians arrive at LCCC, they will sign a partnership for faculty and student exchanges.

   Wu Yueyue, the vice-president of the university and well-known musician in the city of Changsha, will also be a part of the performance as he plays the erhu: a two-stringed bowed musical instrument.

   The musicians will perform two shows on Sept. 25; one at 11 a.m. and the other at 7 p.m.  The morning show is open only for LCCC faculty, staff, and students for free.  “Professors are encouraged to bring their classes because that’s a learning experience,” said Remmert.  Because of the limited seating available in the Studio Theater of the Stocker Center, some attendees will be sent to the Culinary Arts building to watch the performance.

   The second show is open to the community and the price for admission is $5 and students are able to get in for free.

   “I would encourage everybody to attend. It is an exciting opportunity to bring a group all the way from China because it’s not something people can easily just experience next year,” said Remmert.  “We never know if they will ever come back because these are not entertainers; they’re faculty musicians.”