Kerri Klatt
Staff Writer

The Collegian, Lorain County Community College’s student newspaper, has earned 10 awards this year.
The Collegian took second place for The Best College Non-Daily Student Newspaper in Ohio’s Best Journalism Contest of 2017 which is organized by the Society of Professional Journalist. The first place went to the Lantern, a student newspaper, published by The Ohio State University.
Not only did the LCCC students earn a prestigious award from SPJ but also won nine other awards from The Press Club of Cleveland. The Press Club honors include four first place awards, three second place awards, and two third place awards. The total of nine awards were earned within four categories for a two-year school. The student staffers of The Collegian together have earned at least two awards per category. These categories include: The Best Print Newspaper Story, The Best Print Sports Story, The Best Print Feature Story, and The Best On-line Report.
Kristin Hohman, former editor-in-chief of The Collegian, took two first places and one second place awards. “Winning the awards from the Press Club was very exciting and felt like vindication for all the work I put in as editor over the past year and a half,” said Hohman who is a part-time copy editor for The Chronicle-Telegram.
Rebecca Marion, former managing editor and advertising manager of The Collegian, won first and third places in The Best Print Newspaper Story category.
Two other student journalists, Cody Grossman and Mark Perez-Krywany, earned first and second place awards respectively in The Best Print Sports Story category.
Hohman was the first and second place winner in the Best Print Feature Story for her series on “Suicide on Campus: Social Media a Contributing Factor” and    “Mental health on Campus: Disorders ravage colleges”. The judges responded to the articles praising Hohman’s work. “A remarkable, comprehensive, well-written series,” wrote the judges.
“I knew going in that both series involved sensitive subject matter and that I had to find a balance between that sensitivity and reporting the facts as a journalist,” said Hohman “I was blown away by what I read that the judges wrote about each article. Receiving those comments from professional journalists was very encouraging moving forward with my career.”
The Best On-line Report categories first place winners are Hohman, Marion, Charlotte Weiss and Angela Casey.  It was for the breaking story on Dr. Marcia Ballinger when she was named the sixth president of LCCC. The article highlighted Dr. Ballinger stepping into the presidency of LCCC. When Hohman was asked about the award, she replied, “I was excited to find out that myself, Rebecca, Angela, and Charlotte also won first place for our work on the Dr. Ballinger story.”
Hohman had been on The Collegian’s staff for several years. “I think I was most impressed that we received nine awards. That is the most wins we’ve gotten since I started at The Collegian three years ago,” Hohman said. “I was so excited for our other staff members. I watched them put in hard work all school year, so it was amazing to see our staffers get the recognition.”
Christina Vega, LCCC student journalist, earned second place in this category also.