Rachel Caywood (from left), new manager of LCCC’s Starbucks, Brooke Sisler and Chad Hayslip received barista certificates from the coffee chain’s local district. Photo: Kerri Klatt.

Kerri Klatt
Staff Writer

Licensed Starbuck Stores are offering any of their employees a chance to participate in a coffee barista training to master the art of coffee making. Lorain County Community College’s Starbucks Store, located in the College Center building, is the first in its district to have employees successfully complete the coffee barista training. Three employees of the LCCC location, Manager Rachel Caywood and two other employees: Chad Hayslip and Brooke Sisler, were the first in the district to participate in the training. Caywood is the new manager of the Starbucks store.
The barista training is self-paced but consists of lot of work. The participants are given a journal to read and memorize the recipe. The barista training goes much more in depth than the concepts of Starbucks.
“We learned the regions where the coffee comes from, the background, and the flavor. Stuff like that,” said Sisler. “Even the commodity and acidity are some of the stuff we had to memorize. To be able to sell the coffee.”
Although the training is scheduled to be completed in six months, the three staffers completed it within three to four months. A mid-point check quiz is given at a half-way point of the training to test the information they were to read and memorize. The fnal portion of the training was called the ‘last ten feet’. In this section, each employee had to pick a topic related to coffee and research it. “This portion of the training was more like a project,” said Caywood.  The project included each employee to gather more information on the topic chosen and how it related to the Starbucks store. “My project was more of an action plan or goal for the store and selling more whole bean coffee,” said Hayslip. The three employees had to present the project and information gathered to the district manager. At the end of the training, they were given a certificate. The certificate is honored at any licensed Starbucks store
“You have to be really passionate about it,” said Caywood. The three employees each have worked for this Starbucks for two years.
“I wasn’t a coffee fan before I came here,” said Caywood. “But doing the coffee mastering made me appreciate coffee more as well as acquiring a taste for it. I can drink it black now with no problem.”
Hayslip said, “Because it is a licensed store inside of a college, you get to see more of the same people every day so you become friends with them as well as your co-workers. The coffee is only second to the perks of working for this company.”