Zach Srnis

Special Correspondent

The Center for Lifelong Learning at Lorain County Community College is offering a class on how to create an investment portfolio, the first time such a class has been offered.

Submitted Photo | Former LCCC student and University Partnership grad, Josh Ortner, will instruct a class on investment portfolios and financial planning at LCCC’s Lifelong Learning Center.

“I have been working in investments for 10 years now,” said Joshua Ortner, CTFA. “I went to school at LCCC and received my degree in Business Administration from Kent State University through the University Partnership. I am a local product and feel that this course is a way to give back and help the community.”

The goal of the investment course is to help people build an independent, conservative portfolio, Ortner explained.

“The class is the first one of its kind to be offered at LCCC and I wanted to teach it because of the different investment programs that are out there,” said Ortner.

There are different options and products for investors who are retired or about to retire and it is important to know what are the right choices to make, according to Ortner.

Many retirees buy financial products without knowing what they purchased or why, he said, adding that these products are often sold by insurance salespeople who don’t have the investors’ interests at heart.

“It is a scam in a sense and it is an area where insurance brokers try to take advantage of older individuals that do not look at the fine print,” Ortner said. “I am really motivated to help these people gain the knowledge necessary to make smart investment decisions on their own.”

Jennifer Krupa,  the program coordinator for the center of lifelong learning at LCCC, said that the class will be a good opportunity.

“Josh will help people with investments and creating a portfolio,” said Krupa. “Those aren’t fun activities but Josh will help and do so without anything to gain from it.”

Ortner, a Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA), interned with a couple of small investment firms before starting his own business six years ago called Ortner Capital.

“Ortner Capital is an independent company,” said Ortner. “We offer advice to people that are unbiased and is looking out for their best interests.”

It’s important that investors know who they are working with and if that company or individual has an incentive for pushing the product, according to Ortner.

Classes will continue on May 2 and May 9 from 6-8 p.m. The class will be held at the Spitzer Center, room 219 and is $32 per person.