Zach Srnis

Special Correspondent

With final exams right around the corner, Americorps completion coaches at Lorain County Community College will be offering a test-taking workshop. The presentation will help students develop strategies for how to tackle exams and dealing with the related stress. The event will be held on May 3 at 3:00 p.m. in the Bass Library/Community Center, room 209.

Finals week is often when stress on campus peaks. What causes this anxiety and how can students feel more comfortable on test day?

“Usually anxiety is a product of a lack of studying,” said Mark Barrow, an Americorps completion coach at LCCC. “It could also be the result of studying improperly.”

Not studying properly could mean a number of different things, Barrow said. This could include studying while looking at cell phones, studying with a television on, or any other background distractions.

“It is also important to find out how students learn the best,” said Barrow. “Students could be kinetic learners. Other students may learn better with audio or video. Everyone learns differently and it is up to us to find out what works best.”

In the kinetic form, learning is more hands-on, like to a museum or teaching the subject to someone else, according to Barrow.

“Visual learning would be looking at notes or a graph,” Barrow said. “Auditory learners prefer to retain information by listening to lectures.”

Exams can be imposing for students, especially final exams, said Tori Springfield,  another Americorps completion coach at LCCC

“The final exam hangs over the semester like a dark cloud,” said Springfield. “It is something that all students are aware of and there is a lot of build up to it.”

She added that it is important not to cram the material in at the last minute, as it could lead to less sleep the night before a test.

“Try to keep up with the material throughout the semester,” said Springfield. “Cramming does not help at all. Make sure to get plenty of sleep. I find that sleep, or lack thereof, is a big contributor to test anxiety. It is always better to sleep than to stay up late cramming,” she said.

It is important for students to seek help from their professors and make sure that they know the student is trying to do the best they can, according to Springfield.

“We also make sure the students are aware of the tutoring center by walking the students over there to make sure that they are getting the proper help,” said Springfield.

It is also important for the students not to be silent if they are having trouble, according to Springfield.

“We do not know there is a problem if you do not speak up,” said Springfield. “ You should be selfish and take charge. This is your education.”

For more information, contact Mark Barrow at 440-366-4740, or Tori Springfield 440-366-7736.