Ashley Moen

JRNM 151 Student

Students at Lorain County Community College can now text librarians with questions, according to Karla Aleman, the dean of the library and eLearning division at LCCC.

“Libraries are obsessed with information,” said Aleman,  “We are here to help connect people to the information they need.

Since 2013, the librarians at LCCC have been updating and compiling a set of web pages for research assistance, subject guides, and useful resources for students. These resources, known as LibGuides, contain materials that cover general topics and specific courses.

The LibGuides include pages about specific classes, while others cover different writing formats, how to find research topics, and much more. Librarians work with instructors to assemble appropriate information pertaining to a specific course. That information is then compiled in the LibGuides. Aleman is positive that the resources that students can find with the LibGuides will be very helpful, especially with finals coming up soon.

The LibGuides also allows students access to the library’s catalog and research databases, including OhioLink.

“It [OhioLink] is a giant consortium of all the public academic libraries in the state,” Aleman said. “Essentially what we have is this partnership.” Resources like this make it easy for those involved to share information.

The LibGuides are maintained by the librarians and updated when needed. Some pages, such as the new books page, are updated more often than others. But the site is reviewed and new pages are added every year.

Students are able to suggest new pages or ask questions about the LibGuides and the library as a whole.

Aleman said she hopes more students will utilize all that the library has to offer, adding that she wants to link students to the materials that they need.

“We have so much going on,” said Aleman. “We exist to make this connection happen.”

Students can contact librarians with questions by calling 440-366-4026, sending a text to 440-220-6777, or by emailing