Kristin Hohman


Lorain County Community College President Dr. Marcia Ballinger highlighted the value of determination at the President’s Forum and Spring Picnic on April 19 from noon to 1:30 p.m.

Kristin Hohman | The Collegian | LCCC President Dr. Marcia Ballinger speaks to students and faculty during the President’s Forum and Spring Picnic event on April 19.

Dr. Ballinger spoke to those in attendance about the meaning of the word ‘‘GRIT’’, and described her own acronym to go along with it.

‘GRIT’ means relentless and determined,” Ballinger said, adding that it is an important word to remember as the semester draws to a close, Ballinger said.

The ‘G’ in ‘‘GRIT’’ stood for ‘goals’, according to Ballinger. As graduation and summer break near, it’s key to stay focused on our goals, she said.

“The ‘R’ in ‘‘GRIT’’ stands for ‘relentless’,” Ballinger said, and individuals should always be relentless while striving for their goals.

The letter ‘I’ stood for ‘inspire’, according to Ballinger.

“Right now we need to be the person to organize the study session, smile and nudge each other on, be the example that inspires others,” she said.

Lastly, the ‘T’ stood for ‘Take Five’.

She encouraged students to take time to relax and have fun.

“So it all comes together to create the word ‘‘GRIT’’,” Ballinger said. “I want you to think of ‘‘GRIT’’ as we power through these next few weeks and beyond.”

At the conclusion of her speech, Ballinger introduced candidates for the 2017-2018 student senate, several of whom are current senators running for reelection.

Alex Moen, current senate president, will be running to hold the same position at the beginning of the fall semester. Current senate vice president, Christie Tchompalov, an early childhood education major through the UP,  is also running for reelection.

Other candidates include: Kim Weber, an accounting major, running for exec secretary; Jude Jeon, a general education major from South Korea, running for financial secretary; Ariana Hall, an early college high school student, running for financial secretary; Felicia Densmore, a social work major, running for University Partnership representative; and Jonathan Pataoli, a business major, running for Learning Center representative.

Originally scheduled to take place in the courtyard, rainy weather forced the event inside of the College Center commons. Students, faculty, and staff crowded into the commons to enjoy raffle prizes and a picnic lunch.

Senate elections will be held April 24-28. Ballots can be cast at various locations across campus, including Starbucks, and the PE building. Voting is also available online by visiting