Kent Springborn Jr.

Entertainment Editor

The most recent entry to “The Legend of Zelda” series came out last month. “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” could be considered both a return to formula and a step in a new direction. “Breath of the Wild” is the largest game in the “Zelda” series.

This game offers players a lot of freedom. They start off in a central location of the game. To ease them into the game’s mechanics, the game has them complete four tasks in the form of shrines. The shrines are a series of puzzles that the player must solve to complete and get rewards. The rewards the player gets from completing the shrines include various items found in chests and Spirit Orbs that allow the player to update either their health, in the form of hearts, or their stamina.

Once completing these four tasks, the player is set loose and given a lot of freedom as to what they can do in the game. If they choose to, they can go straight to the final boss of the game. This is not an easy task by any means, however.

As someone who has never been the best at “Zelda” games, I have found myself spending a lot of time playing “Breath of the Wild.” So far, it has been a fun experience and I’m not remotely close to finishing the game. However, having this much freedom has its pros and cons. It’s been great because I don’t feel pressured to move from task to task to finish the story. But, because I have found myself getting distracted from the main quest, I end up exploring the game’s map for hours.

“Breath of the Wild” is also the first game in the series to feature voice acting, featuring nine different languages. Yet it doesn’t provide the option to hear a dub in a different language. While this can be disappointing to some, I don’t take issue with it since I found the English voice acting to be good. Elizabeth Maxwell, Sean Chiplock, and Patricia Summersett stand out for me as Urbosa, Revali, and Princess Zelda respectively.

One can only hope that with the critical acclaim that this game has received that it will usher in a new direction for the series. As there is a new original story planned for late 2017 as downloadable content, I’m excited to learn what it will be about and how it will build off of what “Breath of the Wild” has started.