Troy Swiderski

JRNM 151 Student

Video preference is a major concern for the Bass Library and eLearning division at Lorain County Community College, so much so that several focus groups were conducted on the subject.

“We would probably need to do focus groups on many topics,” said Karla Aleman, dean of the Library and eLearning at LCCC. “This particular topic has risen to the top as most important.”

The focus groups were held with students only, and honed in on students’ preferences on instructional videos and what devices were most useful for them.

The questions were picked to try to stimulate discussion in a setting where responses were neither wrong or right. The division chose open ended questions that were concise and to the point, which caused the participants to ponder each question.

The first group meeting had seven students attend while the second had only three students. The ideal amount is six-10 participants.

“The idea is to have a group of homogeneous people, so you know, all students together and all faculty together in a comfortable environment where they feel safe to express their opinions and not with a facilitator that might influence their opinion,” said Aleman.

Focus groups involving faculty have also been done. Currently the library and eLearning division are doing individual interviews with faculty who use a lot of video to become familiar with what faculty do and what they need. Every semester the division works with faculty to help them with video, but the focus groups made it more systematic.

“There is a lot that instructors can do with video. So we are looking at what are the options for increasing activity,” said Aleman. “A little bit of focus on online students, of course, because we are the eLearning department, but there are a lot of face to face courses that use video and engaging in video in their classes.”

Another reason the focus groups were produced was because of the video system that is currently used by on campus.

“We are looking, potentially, at replacing our video systems that we have on campus,” said Aleman. “Right now we have a pretty old lecture capture system and method for hosting videos and streaming our own lectures.

An update to the system is wanted, one that will benefit the student’s learning.

A conclusion has not been met; the results of the focus groups are still being analyzed.

Once complete, the division plans on working with faculty to pick a new system or find a new way to handle video on the old system.

Any input on video preferences for the campus or focus groups for the Library and eLearning division contact Karla Aleman at The focus groups are anonymous for the participants to encourages them to share their input.