Zach Srnis

Special Correspondent

Mark Jaworski, an Early College High School science teacher, set up a unique experience for his students. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame curator Deb Wentz gave ECHS students to chance to learn about the history of rock ‘n roll during the week of Feb. 27.

“Deb Wentz conducts tours at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and [gave] a four-day presentation about the history of rock ‘n roll,” said Jaworski.

The presentations covered the history of guitars, the music of Motown and how people have influenced the history of music.

“I would like to see the students have a greater appreciation for the history of music,” said Jaworski. “Most 14-year-olds, when asked about music, mention that they just like listening to their music. I hope to help increase the knowledge of not just the music they listen to but music in general.”

Wentz, who was interested in giving a presentation to students, reached out to the college. Jaworski was selected in part due to the guitar club that he instructs, he explained.

“I received equipment through a grant,” said Jaworski. “The club allows students, that may be interested in playing guitar, to learn how without having to buy the equipment. I also have had some seniors come in to help instruct so it has worked out very well.

The presentations enabled students to learn about music from the 20s, 30s, and 40s.

“The section on Motown ties in well due to the fact that Black History Month has just passed,” said Jaworski. “The Motown section will feature a lot of interesting history of jazz.”

Dianne Quinn, the principal of ECHS, said presentations like this one are organized about 6 times a year.

“We do ‘Future Fridays’ that help to address the issues that students will have in their careers,” said Quinn. “We try to do something that will be engaging for the students and something that will help them to plan ahead.”