Mark Perez-Krywany

Staff Writer

Mark Perez-Krywany | The Collegian | Before the start of the women’s game, LCCC senior Heather Smyth is honored along with her parents.

Commodores’ Sophomore Madi Bonner scored 22 points contributing to a 65-58 win against Hocking College in their final game, finishing the season 3-26.

“Madi played like it was the last game of the season,” said head coach Vince Granito. Granito nominated Bonner for an All-Conference player award acknowledging her hard work. “She never missed a start and missed a game and I think it is a credit to her being ready to go every single day,” said Granito. The Commodores are in the OCCAC.

The Commodores were able to make eight out of their 22 3-point shots (36.4 percent). “I think it (making threes) was key tonight. Not only it was Madi (Bonner) that was hitting it, Sami Shaw hit a key one, Rachel Downing hit two or three of them,” said Granito. “When our shots weren’t falling, especially in the fourth quarter we started going inside a little more.”

All year LCCC has struggled to deal with the full-court press and towards the end of the game, Hocking College attempted to do just that to the Commodores. Despite the pressure, the commodores were able to keep the lead by snubbing Carrie Carlson into the game seizing the opportunity to have another ball handler.

Bonner eclipsed the LCCC scoring record with 798 points that were previously held by Onix Lopez a year ago, who had 776 points. according to LCCC Athletics.

Heather Smyth scored 15 points and gathered 11 rebounds. She shot 6-12 from the field and 3-4 from the free-throw line. Smyth plans on graduating from LCCC, making this game her last in a Commodore uniform.

Rachel Downing contributed with 15 points, six assist, nine rebounds, and two steals. She has a 62.5 field-goal percentage, and also made half of her 3-point shots (3-6).