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Logan Mencke | The Collegian
Nadia Leary explains the benefits of the College Credit Plus program to high school students and their parents in the Spitzer Conference Center.


Parents and high-school students gathered in the Spitzer Conference Center on Feb. 21 for a College Credit Plus (CCP) information session to learn how students can earn free college credit while in still high school.

The purpose of the CCP program is to allow high school students access to college level courses so they are able to earn a college degree in fewer terms.  As part of an outreach initiative put together by Lorain County Community College’s marketing department, the CCP info nights are hosted by the college to enlighten students and parents about the benefits of the program and address any questions they may have.  The most common questions regard the application process and what kind of classes are available.

High schools in Ohio are required by a state law to host their own session and invite all colleges in a 30-mile radius, according to Nadia Leary, Coordinator of Recruitment for CCP and My University.  

“We supplement that as well, in case students can’t make their local high school night and also let students know about the opportunities here,” said Leary.

In addition to getting the word out to students about the program, the marketing office also serves as advisors for all of the on-campus CCP classes and for students enrolled in CCP classes they take at their high school.  

“We’re currently at 20 different high schools where we offer courses at the high school site,” said Leary.

Blake Oprea, a student from Avon High School, heard about the program from a school counselor and decided to attend the event to learn how to apply and when the deadlines were.  For a major, he is between the medical field or business.  Undecided on where he’d like to finish his bachelor’s degree, Oprea plans on enrolling at LCCC at first.  

“You always have to start somewhere,” said Oprea.