Logan Mencke

Staff Writer

As the opioid epidemic continues to devastate families across the nation, organizations on campus the campus of Lorain County Community College have assembled an event to display how addiction has impacted people.

A joint effort between the Caring Advocates for Recovery Education (CARE) Center and the Students in Recovery (SIR) club have put together a raffle to bring more attention to the harm brought on by addiction.  With February being healthy hearts month, the raffle puts a spin on that theme and asks students ‘How has addiction hurt your heart?’  Students, faculty, and community members who would like to participate in the raffle are given a heart-shaped piece of construction paper to write down their experience with addiction; either their own personal experience or someone they know and how it has negatively affected them.  

The hearts will be used to fill a board at the CARE Center and the students will be entered into a drawing to win a Kindle Fire.  The drawing will be held on Feb. 28.

In addition to raising awareness about addiction, the SIR club offers different kinds of opportunities for those suffering from addiction or for anyone who wants to make a positive change.  

“It’s for students to get together who want to do something on campus in a sober environment,” said Charlene Dellipoala, the SIR club secretary.  Because many students on campus like to attend places where they can drink alcohol, this organization provides students with addiction issues a place where they won’t be tempted.  

Regarding the issue of alcohol consumption, the SIR club is collaborating with Sober Seventeenth for a St. Patrick’s day event; a holiday well-known for it’s heavy drinking. “We [SIR club] were looking for something going on for March 17,  because that’s typically a high-drinking night, and we wanted an activity for students that didn’t involve alcohol,” said Dellipoala.  

Sober Seventeenth is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting health and safety in the community, supporting addicts who are in recovery, and countering the drunken Irish stereotype.

LCCC President Dr. Ballinger and the college will be sponsoring a table at the Sober Seventeenth event and has offered the Care Center eight tickets to represent the college.   The event will be an alcohol free celebration to honor traditional Irish heritage by featuring Irish music and dance.  

The SIR club will be holding meetings on the first Monday of each month at 3:00 p.m. and the last Wednesday of each month at noon for the rest of spring semester.  The meetings will be held in the CARE Center conference room located in BU 113K and are open to anyone who would like to learn more about addiction and who wishes to help those suffering.