Students recall their personal experiences of Valentine’s Day dates that have gone wrong, or went perfectly right.

The romantic holiday undeniably comes with expectations. Some couples meet them, others do not. Does this mean the holiday is lost? Better luck next year? Not too long ago, I asked myself these questions. Cleveland was a cold, unfamiliar city. I was alone.

When one of my favorite artists announced they would be visiting, I had to make a decision: awkwardly mingle with couples celebrating over music or put on my yoga pants, order a pizza, and stay home.

I chose the music. I braved the overwhelming crowds of two. I made my way to the front of the venue and befriended the kids dancing there. I laughed loudly and sang even louder. It was a nice night, even for a girl flying solo.

Before I left, one of my new friends shimmied toward me. She grinned and announced my fate, “You will meet someone. Soon. I know it!” I laughed, warmed by her concern, but completely aware of the pity.

Though, days later, I did. A classmate and I discussed music, including the recent concert I attended. We have spent the past three Valentine’s Days together. Though the holiday might seem silly, with its unknown origins and increasingly commercial content, it is absolutely worth it. It is a day full of surprise. It is a day of chance. Most importantly, it is a day of love, whether for one’s self, music, or another.

-Kayla Petro

In the fall of 2015, a friend of mine was pressured into going on the most awkward date of her life.

“I had sort of blocked it from my memory,” she recalled.

“Jane” had not wanted to go, but a mutual friend of hers and “Tim”, the gentleman who asked her, forced her to accept.

Jane and Tim agreed to have dinner at The Black River Café, in Oberlin. During the meal, Tim talked about running, a topic Jane was not as interested in. “I knew he was into running,” she said, “but I didn’t understand the depth.” Tim talked nonstop about his mileage and other intricacies of cross-country running. Jane said very little.

Things got worse for Jane when Tim moved the conversation to a different topic.

“He spent fifteen minutes talking about cheese,” Jane said. “I was just nodding the whole time.” Tim was talking specifically about the cheeses of Norway, and how the brown cheese is much better than the white cheese. “At one point he said he could probably eat fourteen pounds of the brown cheese,” Jane remembered.

Later in the meal, Jane realized how little they actually had in common. “The only common ground between us was that we had both seen the same Youtube video,” she said. While Tim had loved the video, Jane had not liked it as much. After that, Tim talked more about running.

After dinner, Tim asked Jane if she would like to go on a “long walk” with him. Jane declined because she was cold and hungry, seeing as she ordered the smallest and cheapest thing on the menu. “I told him I had to ‘go do something,’” Jane said, “and then I walked to my friend’s house and ate macaroni and cheese.”

-Maeve Denneen

One of my most memorable Valentine’s Day includes a late dinner, a blizzard and the television show “Forensic Files” – not exactly ideal plans when trying to impress your sweetheart.

It was February of 2015 and the days leading up to Valentine’s Day found nothing but booked restaurants and dead ends. On Feb. 13, an open reservation time was gifted to me from out of the blue at a lovely little Italian restaurant. Nothing like cutting it close. The only issue, the reservation was an 8:30 p.m. time slot, which makes for quite a late dinner.

Feb. 14, the day had finally arrived and I made my way over in a light snowfall to my girlfriend’s apartment, candy and flowers in hand. This was at 4:00 p.m., four and half hours before our dinner reservation. The snow started to fall even harder until it turned into a full blown blizzard. Having hours to kill before dinner, and a limited amount of television channels to watch, we settled on “Forensic Files” to fill the void. Now nothing says romance quite like a show about solving years-old murders through science.

As we sat on the couch killing time, the snow kept falling and our ability to make it to our dinner plans started to look bleak. Despite the pounding snow and questionable road conditions, we got in the car and started to make our way to dinner. We arrived safely, despite a multiplied travel time, took our seats and enjoyed dinner as well as each other’s company. Another long trip back home through the snow, followed by a kiss goodnight and my own solo journey to my house through the elements, our Valentine’s Day was over.

A little over two years later, I asked that girl to marry me and she said yes. It just proves that even though a Valentine’s Day is not flawless, the person you spend it with, no matter how it is spent, is what matters most.

-Zac Wenzel

I had been dating my boyfriend for a few months and Valentine’s day had finally arrived. I was so excited because he was taking me to an expensive, fancy, Italian restaurant where he worked. My favorite food is seafood, so I was very excited to eat. This was my chance to order a delicious, mouthwatering seafood dish.

The morning of Valentine’s day, I was sitting with my mom on the couch. I went on the restaurant’s website to view the menu to begin deciding what I was going to order ahead of time. I am so indecisive and I wanted to make sure I was ordering the best seafood dish. I narrowed it down to two dishes. My mouth was watering just thinking about the exquisite dinner I was going to enjoy.

I picked out my fanciest outfit and got ready for the night. As soon as I was ready, my boyfriend came and picked me up in his red Mustang. My mouth was still watering just thinking about the seafood I was going to order.

As we were arriving closer to the restaurant, my boyfriend looked at me and said, “This place is so expensive, we can just share a pizza right?” WHAT!

I tried not to laugh. I wanted my seafood dish! I did not know how to react. I just glared at him and said “Yeah…that’s fine.”

As we sat down, a waiter came up to me with a rose. I was so happy to see that my boyfriend had the waiter bring me a rose…or, so I thought. I looked at my boyfriend and smiled.

“Hmm. That’s weird. I didn’t set that up,” said my boyfriend.

Strike two. I was truly shocked. How could he? He should have just gone along with it! The night was getting worse and worse.

Finally, the waiter asked us what we were ordering. “One small pizza,” said my boyfriend. “What kind of pizza?” asked the waiter. I saw that “seafood pizza” was one of the options on the menu. “Seafood!” I said with excitement. My boyfriend ordered the seafood pizza. I must say, it was probably the best kind of pizza I had ever had. However, it was not how I expected my first Valentine’s day date to go. This is what happens when you have a passion for seafood and date someone who is not quite the spender. 

-Madison Tromler


Valentine’s Day is a special day for many people as they spend time with those they care for. However, for those who do not do much of anything on this special day it can be pretty boring. If you’re looking for an interesting and worldwide event to participate in on Valentine’s Day, than One Billion Rising is the thing for you. One Billion Rising is the largest mass action event in human history. It stands up against violence against women.

This event takes place all around the globe, in over two hundred countries. Whether you go to an event nearby, or create your own, you can be proud that you are helping take a stand. People all around the globe march, dance, and stand for injustice. This event takes place every year on February 14th. This revolution wants to end violence. The world population is seven billion, and statistically one in three women will be beaten or raped, it adds up to over one billion women. Thus, the goal of the event is to have one billion people rising to action.

Last year, my high school hosted a march as a way to participate in this event. We marched from the school down to the square and back while we played music and chanted. I event wrote an article about it in the school newspaper. “One Billion Rising. Elyria High is rising!” students chanted, along with “What do you we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!” Beforehand, I helped to make posters to hang up around the school and signs to carry during the march. As someone who doesn’t do much for Valentine’s Day, it was a great way to spend my day.

-Ashley Moen