Zach Srnis

Special Correspondent

The Bass Library at Lorain County Community College is the center for student research at the college. With a new semester already underway, the LCCC library is looking forward to some additions that will help in the learning process.

“There are a series of new things that we are looking to add to the library,” said Karla Aleman, the dean of library & elearning at LCCC. “We are going to implement a program called Softchalk. It is a program that is going to offer interactive tutorials for students to use and it is a cloud-based program.”

Aleman was quick to point out that Softchalk will be used through Canvas and will not serve as a replacement.

“Students can now connect to our library resources via Google Scholar,” said Aleman. “It is a great way for students to look up full-text articles from the library’s database. It is just another way that students will be able to access our resources a little easier.”

A partnership between the LCCC Library and the Elyria Public Library is underway, which will bring a series of presentations to the library.

“They are going to be called ‘FRED Talks’ and they are modeled after the TED Talks,” said Aleman. “They will be short presentations that highlight new innovations and present them in a comprehensive way.”

The first FRED Talk will be on Feb. 13 at 12 Bass Library.

“We will also be forming focus groups to find out what students want,” said Aleman. “We will want students to be the ones that decide what changes are made.”

LCCC student Kevin Kelley, makes frequent use of the campus library.

“I like the way the computers are arranged and how accessible the internet is,” said Kelley. “I wish that they would have a better system for textbooks and that more would be available.”

John Wooldridge, another student at LCCC, mentioned the importance of elearning.

“I love the interactivity and how the programs are able to enhance the learning process,” said Wooldridge. “I am glad to hear that they are going to simplify how we can look up documents. I am looking forward to what they might add in the future.”