Mark Perez-Krywany

Staff Writer

The full-court press is designed to make sure that all players on the court are covered, applying pressure on the opposition in the hopes of forcing turnovers. This strategy was very effective for Sinclair Community College women’s basketball team as they took on Lorain County Community College, winning with a final score of 86-48.

The LCCC team tried to slow and control the pace of play, according to women’s head coach, Vince Granito. It worked in the first quarter and for some of the second.  

“They (Sinclair) wanted to fastbreak it every single time,” Coach Grinito said. “We didn’t want them to do that so we just slowed it down a little bit.”

LCCC was able to slow the game down and force Sinclair to take jump shots, not allowing easy shots close to the basket. Sinclair was winning by three at the end of the first quarter.

The game was under control until the middle of the second quarter. LCCC’s Madi Bonner scored the team’s last two points of the half with 4:53 left on the clock.

LCCC’s scoring drought was provoked by Sinclair’s full-court press that forced six turnovers. Sinclair took advantage of the drought. Sinclair went to go on a 15-0 run in the final five minutes of the first half.

Part of the 15-0 run was self-inflicted because of the six turnovers and two missed layup by Bonner, according to Coach Granito. The Commodores scored only eight points in the second quarter.

LCCC committed 27 turnovers, leading to 35 Sinclair points. The team plans to work on limiting turnovers in practice, Coach Granito said.

Commodores’ point guard Rachel Downing did not play, which proved to be detrimental to the Commodores.

“You can’t control tempo if don’t have a point guard, so not having Rachel (Downing) definitely hurt us,” said coach Granito. “It also means Madi (Bonner) has to bring the ball up, and that takes energy away from her and impacts her scoring ability.”

The leading scorer for the Commodores was Bonner with 20 points, who shot over 42 percent from the field and connected on 50 percent of her 3-point attempts.  Heather Smyth had 16 points and nine rebounds, including five offensive boards.

The Commodores will take on Cuyahoga Community College at home on Jan. 25 at 5:30 p.m