Rebecca Marion

Managing Editor

Submitted photo Teng Liu, the Senate's new financial secretary.

Submitted photoTeng Liu, the Senate’s new financial secretary.

Submitted photo Christie Tchompalov, the Senate's new vice president.

Submitted photoChristie Tchompalov, the Senate’s new vice president.

Lorain County Community College’s Student Senate has several New Year’s resolutions to implement on campus.

High on their list of objectives is the development of the Student Senate scholarship. Student Senate President Alex Moen and newly named Vice President Christie Tchompalov have updated their goals for the semester in an effort to finalize the scholarship by determining its criteria and fundraising. If all goes according to plan, Moen will meet with a member of the LCCC Foundation in February to determine if the scholarship is a viable opportunity.

“We want it to be open to as many students as possible, but we really want to focus on students who are really involved in the campus community and in being a community and student leader,” said Moen.

In addition to hashing out a proposal for a scholarship, the Senate is planning to establish an activities lounge on campus.  Discussions for this lounge began last semester, and it may not come into fruition by the end of this semester, according Tchompalov.  LCCC already has the Gamers’ Lounge, however Senators want to appeal to students who may enjoy other forms of entertainment and give them another reason to stay on campus.

“We want there to be a place on campus for students to hang out, play games, watch TV and, play pool. We don’t actually have anywhere like that and students end up leaving because sitting around isn’t as engaging,” said Tchompalov.

Currently, the Senate is looking to locate the lounge somewhere between iLoft and the University Center.

Teng Liu, an international student from China, is the Senate’s new financial secretary and has also been involved in setting the Senate’s agenda.

The Senate will have their first open-to-the-public meeting entitled Speak up, Speak out on Feb. 1 in room 236 of the College Center.

For more information, contact the Student Life Office, at 440-366-4036.