Renne McAdow

Staff Writer

The annual security report was released in Oct. 2016. It detailed crimes on campus over the past year alongside crimes committed in years prior.

“I would say crime on campus has stayed consistently low compared to previous years. “ said Kenneth Collins, Lorain County Community College’s campus security manager. “I am very pleased with this year’s security report as we only had one Clery reportable crime.”

The LCCC security is dedicated to protecting the faculty, staff, and students to the best of their ability. They make information easily available, and they provide up to date improvements to the way crimes can be reported and concerns can be addressed.

“Our security staff completes constant patrols of the parking lots and buildings,” Collins said. “We offer safety awareness presentations to faculty, staff, and students.  One thing we will be bringing to the campus in January 2017 is a new safety app called LiveSafe which allows our campus community to report safety tips and concerns.   It also allows us to push notification information to the application user,” he explained. “This is a great enhancement of safety on campus.”

Campus security takes strides to prepare the faculty, staff, and students in the case of an emergency. LCCC provides seminars hosted by the security staff on various situations such as how to respond to an active shooter, though the staff is dedicated to preventing a situation such as an active shooter to ever come to fruition.

“As we observed events from the Ohio State University that armed threats are major concerns for institutions of higher education along with other businesses.  We try to plan for as many threats as possible, but we can’t plan for everything.  In January, we will also have a consulting firm on campus to interview students, faculty, and staff to give them information as they complete a risk assessment for the campus,” said Collins.

Each year, LCCC releases their annual security report, which provides both information and resources regarding how to report crimes as well as information on any crimes committed on campus property.

“Each October institutions of higher education are required by federal law through the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act

certain crimes that either are occur or are reported to have occurred on a campus property owned or leased by the institution the previous calendar year. Included in the report must be safety information and resources about the campus which you can see from our annual security report,” said Collins.

According to statistics shown in the report, the rate of clery worthy crimes has decreased greatly over the last three years. The annual report can easily be found through the search engine on LCCC’s main webpage.

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