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“When my dad’s old job started to try and force him out, we realized this was an opportunity to get out of California,” said Lorain County

Renee McAdow

Renee McAdow

Community College student, Renee McAdow. She and her family felt strongly about change of life in Ohio.

“I had visited Ohio the year before on a road trip with my grandparents and fell in love with the state,” said McAdow, who is a journalism major. “It just worked out for me and my parents and we moved out here this past June.”

Just after a few days after her graduation from high school, she and her family were already in route to their new life in Ohio.

While looking to attend LCCC, she was happily surprised. “After jumping through a few hoops I was enrolled in classes, and LCCC was right behind our house,” said McAdow. “The price to stay in college in California would have been astronomical.”

After enrolling in a journalism class, one of her first reporting assignments was to cover the Stocker Arts Center, where she rekindled her love of the theater.

“This directed me to Jeremey Benjamin, who is the director of the theater,” McAdow explained. “I told him of my love the theater and that I enjoyed stage managing and he offered me a stage managing position of the fall show.”

So far, McAdow has said the biggest difference between California and Ohio has been the change of the seasons. But that’s also something she’s excited to experience.

“I’m really looking forward to the snow, I find the change of seasons to be inspiring as a writer,” said McAdow “ People at LCCC have been nice and I’m looking forward to the beauty of the snow, the rest of the school year, and beyond.”