Kent Springborn Jr.

Staff Writer

Lorain County Community College’s Student Business Club began new this semester. It was started by David Fairbairn, an accounting major. Unable to find a campus club that catered towards his major, Fairbairn decided to start his own. The purpose of the club is “to assist traditional and non-traditional LCCC and University Partnership students in reaching their current and future academic and professional goals” per the club’s purpose statement.

Fairbairn realized that there was a need for a club that revolved around all the main business majors at LCCC and decided to fill that need with the Student Business Club. After his decision to start the club, Fairbairn asked Lucy Malakar, Assistant Professor of Economics at LCCC, to be the faculty advisor of the club. “I think she [Malakar] is really honest and has the heart to help the club succeed,” said Fairbairn.

Some of the duties of an advisor is to help members make the club interesting for the student demographic and to help them understand the business and economic worlds, according to Malakar. “[We] are learning about the process as we go,” Malakar said.

Fairbairn said that one of the challenges of starting a new club is figuring out how to market the club to students who are unaware of its existence. “Word of mouth doesn’t always do it,” he explained. One way he plans to combat this is to keep the meetings fun and interesting. “If people keep being interested, they’ll probably keep coming back and invite others to join as well,” Fairbairn said.

Fairbairn also hopes to help people who join the Student Business Club. “I find fulfillment when I can help people,” he said.

Interested students can contact the club via