Traci Kogut

JRNM 151 Student


LCCC Culinary Arts made history by winning six honors at the American Culinary Federation’s 2016 Annual Competition held at the Culinary Institute in Columbus on Oct. 22.

Each of the six students that competed brought home a medal. Silver medalists were: Don Jacobsen, and Jasmine Motley. Bronze medalists were: Caitlin Doyle, Laurence Fendersen, Ray Garza, and Kristina Mullen.

“It is rare for everybody to place for a medal,” said Culinary Arts instructor Adam Schmith. “The competition included an individual skill test. They had to prepare a dish within an hour in front of judges from all over the world, so it was pretty interesting.”

Students prepared for the contest nine weeks ago by training in the kitchens after class and developing individual recipes to prepare for world-class chef judges, according to a statement from the culinary division.
 Each level of the competition is evaluated based upon individual skill set, technique, execution, plating, appearance and taste.  
Gold, silver, bronze and certificates are awarded based upon performance.
For the first time in LCCC competition history, each student’s final product qualified for medal awards as they came up with two silver and four bronzes.  As culinary coach, the looks on their faces during the awards ceremony are what makes these events priceless, according to Schmith. “There is a sense of tremendous pride and team within them and to witness each of their personal developments and achievements for me were as rewarding if not more. Even after the long hours and struggles through some of our training sessions, the students put all of that behind them and set their site immediately on competing again this January as we host the ACF competition.”